3 Secrets to Making It as a Coach

3 Secrets to making it as a Coach

Bust myths about the health coaching industry and learn innovate ways of incorporating the coaching spirit into everything you do.

Creating Your Dream Coaching Structure

Based on our foundational work in our previous keynote, Start With a Vision, join us for this exciting class where we will offer tools and a suggested framework for you to set up your own coaching structure for your business and your programming.

Start With a Vision of Your Coaching Practice

Begin with the elemental step of creating your vision for your life and business that can guide your way to the goals and small steps needed to bring your coaching practice to a thriving and fulfilling career.

Wellness Coach Business Academy – DIY

YOU CAN NOW TAKE THE WELLNESS COACH BUSINESS ACADEMY AT YOUR OWN PACE! Wellness Coach Business Academy is a 12-week group program that will cut out the guessing game of creating a coaching practice and build a business that aligns with your values, lifestyle goals, and attracts your perfect clients. Creating your ideal business means starting with the […]

Wellness Coach Business Academy – DIY +Plus

Wellness Coach Business Academy is a 12-week group program that will cut out the guessing game of creating a coaching practice and build a business that aligns with your values, lifestyle goals, and
attracts your perfect clients.

Client Success: 5 Benefits of Foundational Training for Wellness Coaches

Wellness coaching is a competitive industry, but one that offers a lot of growth and opportunities. Growing at a rate of 6.7% annually, its market size hit $14.48 billion globally* in 2021, with the U.S. making up nearly half** of the market. Studies project it will be worth about $25.95 billion by 2030. So, how […]

Group Coaching for Health & Wellness Coaches

Group Coaching Skills promotion 1 CEU

This course will support coaches teaching in person and virtually on how to create a safe learning container using facilitation techniques and virtual tools to manage group dynamics that will allow the group to participate in ways that are supportive to their comfort level and personal style.

Effectively Navigating Through Stages of Change

Understanding your clients current stage of change is critical for knowing how to best coach your client.  This course will discuss ways to identify your clients current stage and coaching strategies for each stage.   We’ll also discuss common pitfalls we might fall into as coaches, that get in the way of best supporting our […]

How to find the right community within coaching (in an oversaturated market)

Coaching can be a cut-throat industry. The operative word is can – it’s not a given. Here’s how being part of the right community can help you grow as a coach. The coaching industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry, however, it is a saturated market with over 93,000 coach practitioners worldwide1. In today’s […]