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We are a team of health and wellness professionals committed to helping others succeed in their businesses through expert training and support.

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Training the Top Coaching Talent in the Industry

At Wellspired Co., We Believe Coaches Have The Ability To Create Real, Impactful Change In People And Organizations, Which Is Why We're Here To Help You Become Part Of The Top Coaching Talent In The Health And Wellness Industry.

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Our mission at Wellspired Collaborative, LLC is to empower health and wellness professionals to achieve their business goals through expert marketing and development training. We strive to provide the highest quality resources and support to help our clients succeed and make a positive impact in the lives of their clients.

Our Social Mission

At Wellspired Co., we  value the community we build alongside our fellow wellness professionals. We also value health equity and we are committed to learning alongside the field of health coaching when it comes to steps we can take to build health equity and make our services and approaches even more inclusive and infused with cultural humility.  

We humbly give back 1% of our profits to non-profit organizations throughout the year that aligns with our values and demonstrate commitment to building health equity in their communities.


Jen Wright, NBC-HWC


Megan Hadley, MA, NBC-HWC

Operations Manager, Facilitator, Mentor Coach

Kris Kniefel, NBC-HWC

Facilitator & Mentor Coach​
Headshot photo of coach Kerri Weishoff.

Kerri Weishoff, NBC-HWC

Facilitator & Mentor Coach
Client Love
Before joining WCBA, I was really struggling with having a good flow and onboarding new clients. Working with Jen and the other participants to develop our programs was definitely a highlight for me. It was invaluable to have templates for emails and guidance for onboarding along with camaraderie from other health coaches. As a result of joining the program, my confidence level is much higher and I know exactly who I want to serve in my coaching practice. I am now ready to launch and take on my first clients! For anyone thinking about joining WCBA, I would tell them that there is nothing better they could do to support their business than join this program.
Suzy L.

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