3 Ways To Boost Visibility As A New Coaching Practice

Since the inception of Wellspired Co., small businesses (and especially coaches) have been our jam. And even through pivots and evolutions in our own work, one thing has always stayed the same…

Our dedication to supporting small businesses and helping them build community. 

One specific way to build that network is by boosting your business’ visibility. Easier said than done though, right? 

Well, not necessarily… 

Here are three ways you can jumpstart your visibility and show up with clarity. 

1. Use social media to your advantage 

One thing to preface here is that not all social media channels are going to be beneficial to every business. So, before you dive in and start creating content and posting every which way, do a little research to see where your ideal client tends to hang out more. This way, you avoid spreading yourself too thin trying to be active everywhere, and focus on 1-2 platforms that will help you accomplish your social media goals. 

This isn’t to say that 6 months from now you may decide that Linkedin is where you need to be and scale back on Instagram. (Protip: a helpful way to stand-up more than one platform is to re-use content either by re-posting or re-purposing to reduce your energy output and increase potential visibility.) But that is the beauty of developing your marketing strategy – there’s lot of trial and error, and that’s a good thing! How else will you learn and grow? Because the biggest “secret” of all?

Your work is always evolving because the world is always evolving. If you stopped, then your work would stop as well. 

Your biggest takeaway here: Give yourself limits and don’t overextend yourself. You do not need to be on social media all day long to have a presence there. Pick a platform, get started, and stay consistent.  

2. Build a simple website

Having a digital presence in this day and age is definitely important. However, you do not by any means need an expensive or extensive website when you’re first starting your coaching business. Having a simple landing page will build that initial trust and encourage potential clients to work with your business. The key here is to simply and concisely convey to them who you are, what you will help them with, and how they can get in touch with you. 

One of our favorite tools right now for building a super simple site is the Milkshake app. You can literally create it on your mobile device! And if you’re really in a pinch, a calendar booking link like Calendly will also do the trick. 

Your biggest takeaway here: Have a small piece of digital real estate so potential clients can verify you are a real business and contact you. 

3. Evaluate and repeat your marketing tactics that are working. 

As we mentioned in the first tip, trial and error are going to help you move forward. That’s why keeping track of your monthly analytics for your social media and other marketing channels is really important to do from the very beginning. Seeing what’s working as well as what is not will help you zero-in on the areas that are the most productive, which will allow you to see what resources and strategies to invest more into. 

That being said, commit to sticking with a strategy for at least 3 months (or one quarter of a year). This will help avoid “shiny object syndrome” (when you feel like you need to run after every new strategy you hear about), and allows your strategy to have time to gain some momentum. If something doesn’t seem to take off right away, that’s totally okay. It can take months for some strategies to really get some traction. The key is to stay consistent no matter what. 

We recommend creating a simple spreadsheet and keeping track of concepts and engagement numbers. While recording follower and subscriber count when it comes to social media and email is important to track overall growth, it’s who interacts with your content that you should pay more attention to. 

Your biggest takeaway here: Focus in on engagement rates and less on vanity numbers. 

In our increasingly digital age, it’s vital to be visible online. In order to be profitable, your target audience needs to be able to find you. So ask yourself, is your business easily accessible online? If not, what resources will help you get there? 

If you’re ready to move into your own coaching practice but need some more hands-on business and marketing support, be sure to check out our free webinar coming up! You’ll learn what 5 steps you need to do in order to jump-start your wellness coaching business, and how owning your own coaching practice is different than working for someone else. 

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