Client Success: 5 Benefits of Foundational Training for Wellness Coaches

Wellness coaching is a competitive industry, but one that offers a lot of growth and opportunities. Growing at a rate of 6.7% annually, its market size hit $14.48 billion globally* in 2021, with the U.S. making up nearly half** of the market. Studies project it will be worth about $25.95 billion by 2030.

So, how do you make the most of this fast-growing market?

That’s where having strong foundational training in wellness coaching comes in. These days, having basic knowledge and skills are just the bare minimum. That certain je ne sais quoi can be developed with the right tools, making you better equipped to succeed in the competitive world of wellness coaching.

Looking for a program that will cut out the guessing game of creating a coaching practice? Wellness Coach Business Academy (WCBA) is here to help you build a business that aligns with your values and lifestyle goals in just 12 weeks. The best part? You’ll also learn how to attract your perfect clients!

We recently sat down with Suzy Lewis, one of our WCBA alumni, who candidly shared her firsthand account of how the program has impacted her wellness coaching practice.

“It’s not like just taking a course and doing a sales thing. It’s really about having a mentor that is just a great business consultant [and] who is also a board-certified health and wellness coach.”
– Suzy Lewis, Shine Health Collective 

From identifying her ideal client (and actually creating their avatar), to setting up the systems and processes – and creating programming to give her an edge over competitors – Suzy transformed her business over the past year. “My experience with Jen and Wellspired just moved my business from a little baby business, into something that’s much more substantial.”

Here are Suzy’s 5 biggest takeaways from the WCBA program:

 #1 It makes it really hard to go out and attract a high-value client – when you don’t have a business structure in place.

Even without a business background, WCBA helps you set up an infrastructure to streamline and refine your business processes to help make them more efficient and professional. 

✅ Finding the perfect tech solutions for your business

✅ Client onboarding workflows 

✅ Basic marketing needs & announcements 

✅ Scheduling consults and requesting referrals

✅ Booking and scheduling with ease

#2 Having a clear message so that you can go out in the world and feel confident is priceless.

When we’re going out and wanting to help people with their health, we want to come from a position of strength in order to help define more clearly the steps that will come next. And then again, that just raises your confidence because it allows you to relax a bit and actually be in the business of helping people. And that feels good!

“It’s the biggest bang for your buck as, as well as just, it’s good. I found out through that I was able to just really get my messaging more succinct and I think that’s always changing or tweaking a little bit. But having a clear message and being able to go out in the world with a clear message and feel confident is priceless.” – Suzy Lewis, Shine Health Collective

#3 Speaking the same language helps you to relate to each other and offer support.

Speaking the same lifestyle language can be helpful in building relationships and offering support because it creates a shared understanding of values, beliefs, and behaviors related to lifestyle choices and your overall vision. When individuals share common lifestyle habits and preferences, they tend to bond with each other more easily and find common ground for conversation and connection.

“Before I started to get busier, I was really involved in the online forum and stuff that is there. And now I just drop in occasionally, but I always find great value there as well. So I think that type of ongoing support just to have people that are colleagues doing similar things and especially that have gone through a similar kind of training as well. I think we speak the same language and can really relate to each other and help each other.” – Suzy Lewis, Shine Health Collective

#4 Take advantage of ongoing educational opportunities.

Access to information and resources is still available after the program so you can review them and refresh your knowledge at any point in your business as it evolves. Updated information such as new systems to try, and live Q&As, are also shared with the community. 

“Honestly, I would love to go back through and just review every single thing. And that is one of the benefits that I have appreciated because I have gone back and looked at different things. It was setting up some system, but I went back and it was really helpful.” – Suzy Lewis, Shine Health Collective

#5 Leverage your learnings from different angles with solid planning strategies.

All the strategies are aligned with good business practices as well as being a health and wellness coach, working within the scope of practice, is super appreciated!

“Doing the work helped me to get clear on who it was that I wanted to work with, what my skills were, what my strengths were, my values, and more of a bigger picture of where I wanted to go with my business…I feel like I’ve now stepped into more of a grownup business, and it is at a place where I have a lot more capability to expand and work with more lucrative clients.”

Don’t miss out on learning how you can identify and start connecting with your ideal clients, ensure your business embodies your vision and aligns with your values and goals, and provide high-efficiency, high-quality work for your clients. Take the first step in creating or transforming your wellness coaching practice. Sign up for the WCBA waitlist today. 



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