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Real-Life Success Stories from the Wellspired Collaborative Community

Before joining WCBA, I was really struggling with having a good flow and onboarding new clients. Working with Jen and the other participants to develop our programs was definitely a highlight for me. It was invaluable to have templates for emails and guidance for onboarding along with camaraderie from other health coaches. As a result of joining the program, my confidence level is much higher and I know exactly who I want to serve in my coaching practice. I am now ready to launch and take on my first clients! For anyone thinking about joining WCBA, I would tell them that there is nothing better they could do to support their business than join this program.
Suzy L.

Health and Wellness Coach

I know health and wellness coaching and was lacking in business and marketing skills. Because of that, I sought Jen’s assistance and have had productive and energizing business strategy sessions with her. I came away with realistic and actionable items in service of building my health and wellness coaching practice. Jen’s expertise with business, marketing and the health and wellness field was evident. Wellspired Co. comes highly recommended for other wellness companies looking to grow!”
Lori Kurszewski

Health and Wellness Coach

“Jen has been superb every step of the way. She is gracious, compassionate, understanding, talented, capable, and professional. I couldn’t ask for anything more than what she has provided. If you are still in the process of looking for a good company to work with, your search could be over. Simply call Wellspired Co. You will be so glad you did!”
“Megan’s grounding presence, open questions, and reflections that come from a deep well of wisdom make her one of the best coaches and mentors I know. At once she feels like a partner, mentor, teacher, and guide walking right alongside you. I’ve learned so much just by being in Megan’s presence. She is a true model for what it means to be a culturally informed, creative, and mindful coach. Each time I leave a session with Megan I feel empowered, brilliant, and wholeheartedly supported.”
Ryan Grist

Health and Wellness Coach

Kerri leads with compassion and a true desire to serve as a mentor and facilitator. She is always prepared and has a gift of holding space for the work being offered as well as for the participants learning process. If Kerri is present the space will be filled with permission, support and wisdom!
Jenna W.
“Megan’s deep presence, compassion and attentive listening are just some of the things that make her such an incredible coach and facilitator. I always feel heard, supported and cared for when working with her. She listens beyond just the words I’m saying and is able to connect dots and weave threads to help me see more clearly what I actually want and how to go about getting it. I highly recommend working with Megan – whether you’re hoping to learn new coping skills for stress or needing a coach to support you along your journey.”
Emma Vasseur

Astrologer and Health and Wellness Coach

“I wanted to express my deep appreciation for your program. …I am truly grateful for all of the resources and information that you have provided. I feel that I have everything I need to overcome my fears and begin my business!”

Health and Wellness Coach

Before joining WCBA, I was struggling with the nuts and bolts of setting up an online coaching business, especially all the systems that are needed. Wellness Coach Business Academy gave me a clear roadmap for all the systems I needed and tutorials on how to get them in place. Other highlights in the program were working through developing a coaching program, and the email templates that makes it so easy to get started! As a result of the program, I now have a clearer vision of what it takes to start a business. For anyone thinking about joining WCBA, I would tell them to go for it! It’s a great beginning overview for starting a new coaching practice!
Nicole F.

Health and Wellness Coach

Before joining Wellness Coach Business Academy, I really wanted help getting started, and have a road map and a plan. I had been through another program a couple of years ago, and it was ok, but way too soon for me – I needed to focus on my course and board certification. I wanted to go through this again with others for accountability, so I was excited Wellness Coach Business Academy was a small group format! I also really liked that it was encouraged for students to be NBC-HWCs. With the other program I completed, it was open to anyone and there was a lot of unprofessionalism. As a result of going through WCBA, I got my LLC set up, and legal stuff together. I’m getting the core systems in place so that when someone is ready for coaching, I can confidently work with them! WCBA was definitely helpful!
Robin Wagner

Wellness Coach

“Megan and I have collaborated creating a number of spaces and projects in the realms of integrative health coaching, health equity, and justice. We co-facilitated a powerful health coaching group at a Minneapolis health clinic in the earliest days of the COVID-19 pandemic, and since then I have witnessed up close and personal Megan’s powerful gifts of heartfelt presence, intellectual rigor, embodied compassion, deep humility, and capacity to experience and share joy as a healing practice. Megan’s commitments to justice and community run deep. I wholeheartedly recommend Megan as a coach, collaborator, facilitator, teacher, mentor, and general co-conspirator.”
Betsy Ranum

Registered Nurse and Health and Wellness Coach

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