“What is a Vision?” – takeaways from our latest Keynote Series Class
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On Thursday, June 22nd, our Operations Manager Megan facilitated our most recent live Keynote Series Class on the topic “Start With A Vision Of Your Coaching Practice.”

With 47 registered participants, we kicked the Zoom off and entered class alongside students of Wellness Coach Business Academy, the Super Summer Series, and new and returning students of individual classes.

We knew this was going to be a different class than usual. While our expert facilitators often prepare thorough slide decks, Megan also prepared a 20-minute embodied guided imagery meditation practice to allow us space to vision a piece of our entrepreneurial and personal journey.

Before the meditation began, Megan posed to the group the question: “What is a vision?”

Our students responded in the chat:

  • “Something that represents your why”
  • “A mental picture, a dream”
  • “Inspiration for the way things could be”
  • “An idea/feeling that guides your journey”
  • “Something that draws you forward”
  • “A reality that is internal, and maybe not material…yet”
  • “Visualization of your path to goals”
  • “Something seen with the spirit’s/mind’s eye”
  • “A picture of what things could be or how you desire them to be”
  • “Reach for the stars, aligned with your authentic self”


And, Megan chose to craft a poem on this question, too, so here is her poetic response:

What is a vision?
A dream
A download
An intuitive hit
A vision is a decision to not enter a revision
But let be, let flow, let go, and who knows
What is to come out of the blue, out of the void
Or inside myself, inside my body, or my voice
My vision is a piece of me that wants to be spoken
A part of my work that needs to be awoken
A time and a place to explore what I have not known
Yet when I see it, I can’t unsee it
It’s a part of me
A part of my dream
A part of my reality
It’s a hope, a wish, an eternity
It’s letting go of the process
And trusting that I got this
And within me I have all I need
And so without, I need to breathe
Some life into this vision that’s been waiting and’s been watching
To see if I can stop doing so much
And listen to the talking
The colors, the shapes
The feeling, the taste
The place, the memory
The want to be, the pull in me
And today I’ll set aside my preconceived notions
And set a cascade of flow into motion
So let’s be quiet now and listen from the heart
Let’s not forget visioning too, is an art.

© 2023, Megan Hadley, Harvest Health and Wellbeing LLC

Shortly thereafter, Megan asked for 3 words from everyone in the chat about what it feels like when they are in a creative space or state of flow. We’ve put those chat entries into a word cloud for your viewing pleasure! As you can see, for many – the creative space we tap into when we vision brings up the words “energy, hope, calm, joy, and focused”.

To experience this embodied visioning practice, you may now purchase this Keynote Series Class On Demand here.

You will receive the lifetime recording to the class, 1 CEU through NBHWC, the additional resources including a 23-page Visioning Workbook, and a bonus meditation. A benefit all our paying students can access is the opportunity to join our Paid Student Community on Facebook.

Thank you to all of our students who participated in this fruitful class live, and we hope you enjoy the practice of visioning for your business using our recorded class on demand!

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