The Health and Well-Being Coaching Conference 2024 – 4 Takeaways for Health Coaches
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Last weekend, I flew to the sunny city of San Diego to attend the Health & Well-being Coaching Conference. It was an opportunity to gain new insights and experiences alongside some of the most influential people in our field.

I even got to meet up with some of our Wellness Coach Business Academy students in person, which was a complete delight!

It’s hard to explain the level of energy that comes from being in a room like that. The conversations, ideas, and synergy in that room are truly unlike anything else.

But showing up to a conference, a networking event, or any other kind of event isn’t going to be the launching pad for your business on its own. As I watched everyone in the room during the conference, I noticed some unique skills that stood out from those who showed up as leaders, made connections, and had successful businesses.

I wanted to share some of my biggest takeaways on how to make the most of a room like that so you can use it as a way to grow your coaching practice.

Let’s jump in!

1. Leverage the Power of In-Person Connections

As I sat in the room listening to some of the most influential people in the health and wellness coaching space, I was reminded why in-person connections are so important to the work we do.

While online interactions and social media connections have their place, nothing beats the impact of face-to-face meetings. It’s in these moments that relationships deepen, and opportunities for future collaborations arise.

Takeaway: If you have the ability to get to a conference, plan to attend at least one per year. If that’s not an option, seek out local meetups or virtual gatherings where you can connect with peers and potential clients as often as you can. Creating personal connections first is what will lead to the most meaningful professional relationships down the line for your business.

2. Strengthen Your Message

I’ll be honest. The first moment someone at the conference asked me what I did, I stumbled over my words a little. (It happens to all of us!)

But, after that first time, I got my thoughts together, remembered all the work I’ve done to confidently say what I do and who I help, and let my passion shine.

During the conference, I met many coaches and could tell within seconds which ones had their messaging down. They were the ones who were clear on their ideal client and how they helped them, as well as their process, and were able to hold the attention of the other attendees. They were concise yet impactful about how they talked about their niche and their approach to working with them.

Takeaway: The way you introduce yourself to someone can impact whether or not they remember you and listen in more. The message will shift depending on who you’re talking to.

So, if you’re about to introduce yourself to a physician, your introduction will look different than if you’re messaging yourself to an ideal potential client.

Know your message for these scenarios, and practice it now (over and over again) so that you can go into the conversation feeling strong about what you do, who you help, and the problems you help overcome, in a way that resonates with the person you’re speaking to.

If you’re like me and freeze up the first time someone asks you, don’t be hard on yourself. Consider it your warm-up and move on.

3. The Art of Listening

At the conference, I noticed that the most confident and experienced coaches were often the ones listening rather than talking. They were absorbing information, understanding challenges, and picking up on innovative ideas.

They were also asking questions, and seeking to understand more about the person they were speaking to.

In my own listening, I learned what challenges coaches were facing today, topics they were feeling most passionate about, and unique ways of doing things in their business that I hadn’t tried before.

Takeaway: Listening allowed me to return to my desk with an abundance of new ideas and content to share with you all.

Listening also led to people coming to me later in the conference and asking more questions, and this time, they were fully tuned into what I had to say. When I asked more questions in the beginning and listened, it actually brought people back to me and had a deeper conversation about my work than if I gave it all to them in the first few minutes of meeting them.

4. Building Relationships Beyond the Meeting Room

When you’re at a conference, it can often feel like the moment you walk into the room is when you need to “turn on” your ability to connect. But, while I was there, I connected with coaches as I was taking the shuttle to the hotel, checking into the hotel, in the elevator, walking to the conference, having lunch, and standing in line at the bathroom.

In fact, these moments were some of the best conversations I had all weekend.

Takeaway: Look for the opportunity to connect with others outside of the “meeting,” whether that’s walking into a building, checking in, or elsewhere. These relationships are often the most remembered moments outside of the event itself. They lead to future conversations, collaborations, and new opportunities.

Expand Your Skills & Your Confidence as a Health Coach

There were many amazing speakers at the conference along with some great references to keep learning on the topics that were presented to continue to strengthen your coaching skills!

Here at Wellspired Co., we’re passionate about helping coaches create confident coaching practices. We offer over 20 continuing education classes on demand approved through NBHWC. Each of our trainings focuses on learning actionable skills you can apply to your practice immediately.

Based on the topics presented at the 2024 Health & Well-being Coaching Conference, here are a few additional continuing education classes we offer that will help you explore those topics even further!

Building Your Client Base Through Successful Referral Meetings

Learn how to create a steady stream of clients through effective referral relationships.

Cultural Humility with Leslie Atley, NBC-HWC

Gain insights into fostering a diverse and inclusive coaching practice.

Coaching Through Emotions & Trauma

Equip yourself with the skills to support clients when emotions feel big.

Coaching Clients & Supporting Mental Health with Amber Reed, NBC-HWC

Redefine your coaching approach to mental health concerns and cultivate a deeper understanding of the dynamics between coaching and therapy.

Group Coaching for Health & Wellness Coaches

Discover the benefits and strategies for implementing successful group coaching sessions.

We offer monthly continuing education classes for health and wellness coaches. These classes help you connect with a like-minded community of peers while gaining new skills that you can apply immediately to your coaching practice. Come join us for our next event! We’d love to see you there!

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