The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Health & Wellness Coaching Business

How to Start a Health and Wellness Coaching Business | Wellspired Collaborative, LLC

Starting a health and wellness coaching business is an exciting journey with opportunities to significantly impact others’ lives. Beyond the profound sense of fulfillment & purpose that comes from helping clients achieve their wellness goals, this career path offers remarkable benefits and the added exciting opportunities that come with entrepreneurship. Health and Wellness Coaches with […]

3 Skills Every Health Coach Needs to Build to Succeed in Business

3 Skills Every Health Coach Needs to Succeed in Business | Wellspired Collaborative, LLC

3 Skills Every Health Coach Needs to Build to Succeed in Business I was on a call with a health & wellness coach looking to grow their business recently who said, “I just don’t get it, Jen. It feels like I’m doing everything I’m supposed to do, and I’ve only had a handful of clients.” […]

Leveraging the Power of Testimonials

Leveraging the Power of Testimonials live on Thursday, July 18th at Noon. Register at

Discover the transformative potential of testimonials in your health coaching practice with our 90-minute course, “Leveraging the Power of Testimonials.” Testimonials are not just words; they’re persuasive tools that build trust, attract clients, and establish your credibility. In this course, you’ll learn how to ethically collect, showcase, and maximize the impact of testimonials. Uncover the […]

Charting Progress: Biannual Planning for Health Coaches in All 5 Phases of Business

A group of professionals brainstorm goals on a posterboard with post-its

Join us for our next Quarterly FREE Co-Working Session on the topic “Charting Progress: Biannual Planning for Health Coaches in All 5 Phases of Business.” In this interactive session, nationally board-certified health and wellness coaches from our learning community and the broader NBC-HWC community are welcome to join us for an mid-year goal check-in and […]

5 Myths That Are Holding Back Your Wellness Coaching Career

So, you’ve just crossed the big milestone of getting your coaching certification, and you’re all set to turn that dream of running your own coaching practice into a reality. Congratulations! It’s an exciting phase, right?  As a coach who started their own coaching practice back in 2016, I can tell you from personal experience that starting […]

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