3 Secrets to Making It as a Coach

3 Secrets to Making It as a Coach

Bust myths about the health coaching industry and learn innovate ways of incorporating the coaching spirit into everything you do.

Creating Your Dream Coaching Structure

Creating Your Dream Coaching Structure

Based on our foundational work in our previous keynote, Start With a Vision, join us for this exciting class where we will offer tools and a suggested framework for you to set up your own coaching structure for your business and your programming.

Start With a Vision of Your Coaching Practice

Start with a Vision of Your Coaching Practice

Begin with the elemental step of creating your vision for your life and business that can guide your way to the goals and small steps needed to bring your coaching practice to a thriving and fulfilling career.

From Passion to Profession: A Health and Wellness Coach’s Journey to Starting Their Own Coaching Practice

Minneapolis health coach, confident and smiling with a bright colored jumpsuit and pink glasses

Coaches in our community describe their passion for coaching in great detail. Yet, we find there isn’t always the same passion for owning a business. Granted, owning a business is not for everyone. However, we at Wellspired Co. believe there is value beyond filling a market need when a health coach becomes an entrepreneur. Today we will share one specific coach’s journey from full-time non-coaching work to being a full-time entrepreneur.

Who should you hire first?

Building your team is essential to growing your business…but is there a practical way to keep down costs and boost productivity at the same time? Bringing your business idea to life is definitely a rewarding achievement. Even more so when you witness more and more people resonating with it. But being a one-person or founders-only […]

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