How to Embrace the Journey of Building Your Health & Wellness Coaching Business & Recognize Your Growth Along the Way
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Let’s be honest, building a wellness coaching business is a rollercoaster ride sometimes. There are highs and lows, moments of self-doubt, and exhilarating triumphs with clients. This wave of emotions can sometimes to startling for coaches starting their own practice. Just like anything else worth doing, building and growing a business takes time, effort, and the determination to make it through obstacles, find your way through them and be stronger on the other side.

As a wellness coach, there’s a good chance you went into the industry because you felt a calling to help others and make an impact on those you coach. You want to help and make a difference in the lives of others.

One of the best things about launching your own coaching practice is that you get to do these things, but first, you also have to learn how to find and retain clients, how to manage boundaries and set expectations with your clients, how to make a sale and ask for payment, and even how to get through the challenging moments in business. This might include things like clients not showing up for their sessions, not paying their invoices or bills, or experiencing a

But here’s the thing—these challenges are like levels in a video game. You have to beat the boss (aka the current challenge) to move on to the next level. The better you get at beating the bosses, the higher up you move in the levels.

But how do you build the skills to get through the challenging moments?

Since day one of my own coaching practice, I’ve found these little glimmers of light that reconnect me to my bigger why. They have helped me get through the toughest moments and light the path ahead, reminding me that those challenges were necessary to get to where I am today.

I call those moments my “full circle moments.”

Understanding “Full Circle Moments”

A “full circle moment” is when past experiences, struggles, or doubts suddenly make sense in the context of where you are today. It’s that moment when you realize every step you’ve taken has led you to this exact point. For me, it feels like a bolt of energy affirming that you’re on the right path.

These moments have been game-changers for me. One of my first was when I transitioned from my corporate job to my private coaching practice. I remember coaching a client who was about to return to her full-time job and felt overwhelmed. Her fears and doubts mirrored my own from my transition period, and in helping her, I was reconnected with my deep sense of purpose.

Embracing the Journey

Everyone will experience these moments differently, but the key is to recognize them and let them fuel your journey. Here are some tips to help you embrace and create your own “full circle moments”:

  1. Reflect on Your Past Experiences: Look back on your journey. Identify the struggles and successes that have shaped you. Reflecting on these moments helps you see how far you’ve come and recognize your own growth and the skills you’ve developed along the way to serve you where you are today.
  2. Acknowledge Your Impact: Celebrate the transformations, no matter how small. These are the building blocks of your full circle moments. Every week, I have a meeting where the first agenda item is to bring something to celebrate. This encourages me and my team to look at the small victories we see along a bigger path.
  3. Stay Open to New Opportunities: Be open to new experiences and challenges. Each one has the potential to bring you closer to a new “full circle moment”. Embrace the uncertainty and view it as a chance to grow.
  4. Connect with Your Why: Remind yourself why you started your coaching journey. Your “why” is the foundation that keeps you grounded and motivated. It’s the reason behind your passion and the driving force of your business.
  5. Share Your Story: Sharing your journey and experiences with others can be incredibly powerful. Not only does it build a deeper connection with your clients, but it also reinforces your own understanding of your path.
  6. Envision Your Future “Full Circle Moment”: When I was leading a team in my corporate role, and one of them had a tough experience, I would always say, “That’s going to make a great addition to your resume or future promotional interview.” Meaning that the experiences we have today are what creates the beginning of a full-circle moment in the future. So, as you are taking these steps forward today to build your business, imagine how the experiences you’re having today will be a moment your future self will look back on and be proud of.

Taking Steps Forward

Remember, building a wellness coaching business is a journey that requires plenty of determination along the way. Recognizing and celebrating your full-circle moments can help you stay motivated and resilient in times that feel more challenging.

As you continue on your path, keep an eye out for these moments. Reflect on them, learn from them, and let them guide you forward. And remember, what you’re going through today could be a full circle moment waiting to happen in the future.

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