5 Cost-Effective Strategies for Earning Continuing Education Credits as Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coaches
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Shopping for CE’s Made Easy 

There are now over 8,000 Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coaches (NBC-HWC) in the world. Part of the deal as non-licensed practitioners with professional certificates in healthcare means continuing education is non-negotiable.

Our governing organization, the National Board for Health and Wellness Coach (NBHWC) outlines clearly its requirements for recertification and continuing education in their handbook available once you login to their website. Ethically, we are bound by our Scope of Practice to notice our growth edges and obtain further training to stay up to date with the evolving healthcare and coaching landscapes around us.

The purpose of this blog is to provide several cost-effective ways our community of certified health and wellbeing coaches can obtain their continuing education credits alongside reaching their personal goals for their career development.

We will cover:

  • Free CE’s
  • Value CE’s
  • CE’s on Sale
  • Deep Learning CE’s
  • And CE’s for 1:1 Mentorship

Free CE’s

Yes, there are opportunities to snag a few free-of-charge credits each year. However, the creation of these does come at a cost

At Wellspired, we value building community with health and wellness coaches. We are not solely a CE provider. We aim to be a hub of information and networking between board-certified coaches. When a new coach asks their colleague where to obtain continued training after becoming certified, we are honored when our name is included as a resource. 

We understand that the cost of becoming a coach and then continuing to re-certify every 3 years is substantial. And, we trust that these investments in our career and learning will continue to build the legitimacy of the health coaching field by deepening the wisdom of all our coaches internationally.

At Wellspired, we offer 2 free workshops year-round that are both 1 continuing education credit, and provide immediate value to health coaches:

  1. 5 Steps to Jump-Start Your Wellness Coaching Business
  2. Building Client Momentum: Strategies to Self-Efficacy

Over 690 people have attended these events, and the feedback continues to fuel our passion for providing them.

Value CE’s

Have you heard of the good, fast, cheap triangle? That things in business can be 2 of these 3 things, but never all 3. We read a recent critique of this triangle, and we tend to agree.

At Wellspired Co., we ensure “good” is a standard. Our continuing education offerings are crafted by coaching, business, and healthcare professionals who are absolutely committed to teaching valuable, timely, and well-researched content. 

Our mission at Wellspired Collaborative, LLC is to empower health and wellness professionals to achieve their business goals through expert marketing and development training. We strive to provide the highest quality resources and support to help our clients succeed and make a positive impact in the lives of their clients. 

So trust us – good will always be a part of the equation.

The fast part of the triangle is misleading. We spend dozens of hours as a team getting one class up and running, even if it is a free course. We embrace the movement toward “slow culture” and business that is not on 24/7, burning us out in the direct opposite “grind culture”. 

While we do offer time-effective CE’s from a learner perspective, we take the necessary time to craft and operationalize them.

And what about cheap? Well, as much as we would love to provide $5 CE’s (see above about anti-grind-culture), we can do the next best thing.

We open up several of our Keynote Series Classes as FREE to join if you can attend the live conversation.  We are passionate about bringing more coaches into our community of learners, and ensuring there is accessibility to being in the room where it happens, so to say! While it is free to join these upcoming Classes if you can make it live, you do have an opportunity to upgrade for 1 CE at the $19 rate if you register by the live class date. 

Upcoming FREE Keynote Series Classes to join (or upgrade for CEU for $19 before the live events):

Additionally, all of our 2023 Keynote Series Classes are now available for purchase On Demand. They range in price from $19-$75 depending on the topic and speaker expertise.

On-Demand Keynote Series Classes:

CE’s on Sale

Since the National Board moved from a CE provider model to a CE course approval model, we have noticed many health coaches in the NBC-HWC Facebook page voicing their concern or mistrust of CE providers and the CE course approval process.

This is unfortunate, as we highly value the work the NBHWC is doing for the field internationally, and we understand the amount of work on our end it takes to submit a CE application and operationalize the courses! 

Still, that leaves the question of who to trust as a CE course provider? How do we network, build trust, and find our community of valued teachers and learners?

We find there is so much benefit in dipping your toes in the water when it comes to finding your trusted CE providers. One way to do so is to start making a list of courses, organizations, or individuals you already know and trust, that spark interest, or that you have heard recommended by colleagues. Research them, and find if they have a free or low-cost event you can join. Take note of the value you feel you received, and whether you would attend another event. 

Better yet, join the email lists of the organizations you are curious about! Not only will you be regularly reminded about the importance of obtaining continuing professional development, but you will also get to know the style, vision, and offerings available to you. 

If any of these providers are like us, they are also likely to send special sales and coupons to their email community!

If you are on our waitlist for Wellness Coach Business Academy, you will receive a coupon as well as a heads up on when the next promotion or live registration period is happening.

Super Summer Series – On Sale Through June 8th!

This summer, we decided to help coaches stay connected while also elevating their coaching and business skills, all while earning CEUs! Talk about a win-win-win!

Join Minneapolis based NBHWC CEU provider for 6 CEU this summer 2023

Learn more about the Super Summer Series and take advantage of our Sale pricing through June 8th.

Deep Learning CE’s

What we love about professional development is the opportunity to dive deep on topics we already are interested in, or that become new and exciting to us as the field evolves. 

Think of how you have invested in your own development in your personal life. You invest time, money, and energy at honing a craft, excelling at something that benefits your home, emotional, or spiritual wellbeing. And you don’t earn CE’s for that!

The bonus of being part of a field that requires continuing education is that we get to maintain that beginner’s mindset, put our learning caps on regularly, and it’s a huge bonus to earn credit toward our professional certification.

Some of the deep, immersive learning we do at Wellspired includes not only the basics of the content, and how to structure and implement things in your business, but it also includes experiential learning with hands-on practice. We have cohort-based learning which can support our own accountability to a learning investment as well as build our networks and empowerment. 

We support our students in innovating and creating by hosting weekly Co-Working Sessions and Tech Support Office Hours. After all, owning a business includes heads-down working time, as well as some coordination of technology to make things run smoothly.

Our most immersive program is Wellness Coach Business Academy. It is a 12-week program that supports new or re-branding coaches in setting their businesses up to take on their first 5 clients. 

We get asked a lot which Content Categories WCBA counts for, as we as NBC-HWC’s need 18 credits every 3 years in Content Categories 1, 2, and 4. We are happy to share that all 15 of our CE’s for WCBA satisfy in these 3 categories.

CE’s for 1:1 Mentorship

In WCBA, we share a business roadmap that offers potential steps for a health coach’s trajectory to building and growing their own businesses. Part of the necessary step, once you are established and coaching regularly, is to dedicate time to seeking 1:1 support from a mentor in the field to continue to work through the growth edges that come up.

It is so valuable to invest energy and resources into mentorship. Finding a mentor who connects with your goals and knows how to support you through the ups and downs of your career is priceless.

Did you ever think it was possibile to earn CE’s while being mentored?

Now at Wellspired, we have 1:1 Business & Marketing Coaching with our Founder and Lead Marketing Strategist, Jen Wright, NBC-HWC. These 6 sessions include an extensive intake process and 1:1 recorded sessions you can keep for future reference. 

Many of our students and community members have found spending 1:1 time with Jen to be transformative for them in moving forward with their business plans and goals.

To apply for our 6-CEU 1:1 Business & Marketing Coaching program with Jen, click here.


Strategizing your professional development can save you a lot of time and money on the back end. Instead of purchasing courses on a whim, waiting to hear what your colleagues do, or cramming your CE’s all at once before the 3-year mark, it is possible to find a growth plan that aligns with your business goals. 

We are proud to have built our CE programming to cover this spectrum of professional support – from starting your business to making long-term career plans and goals. 

Additionally, we infuse our values into our work. 1% of our quarterly revenue is donated to a non-profit organization making an impact in health equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging nationwide. 

As you consider what your next continuing education class will be, consider what your goals are as a professional in the field first. Being intentional with your development will serve you well!

Join our learning community today by registering for one of our upcoming Keynote Series Classes.

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