3 Skills Every Health Coach Needs to Build to Succeed in Business
3 Skills Every Health Coach Needs to Succeed in Business | Wellspired Collaborative, LLC

3 Skills Every Health Coach Needs to Build to Succeed in Business

I was on a call with a health & wellness coach looking to grow their business recently who said, “I just don’t get it, Jen. It feels like I’m doing everything I’m supposed to do, and I’ve only had a handful of clients.”

I could sense the frustration and exhaustion in their voice.

Within a few minutes, I helped to pinpoint where the breakdown was and sent them on their way with a renewed sense of excitement now that they had some direction to follow.

Maybe you’ve felt this way yourself:

  • It feels like you’re following all the expert advice, but nothing is creating traction.
  • You’re putting in the hours, attending networking events, posting on social media, and maybe even running ads, and for what?

If you’re connecting with how this coach was feeling, you’re not alone. Getting the business & marketing part of health & wellness coaching right isn’t a simple slam dunk. But, over my last 7 years as a business coach for health and wellness coaches, I’ve tracked and noticed several patterns with every health coach that is struggling in their business.

In fact, this framework, which we call the Coach Growth System, has been so helpful that I can typically identify the core misalignment in a health and wellness coaching business within minutes of talking to the coach (and with an enriching conversation, they quickly come to the same realization).

Today, I’m going to outline the 3 pillars of this system that I use to help health and wellness coaches quickly identify key areas in their business where they can grow and develop their skills to be stronger business owners.

#1 – Confidence

Let’s start with confidence.

Confidence in coaching isn’t just about believing in yourself; it’s about knowing your value, understanding your niche deeply, and conveying that effectively to potential clients. It’s about showing up at a networking event or a webinar and speaking with clarity and passion about how you can transform lives.

Because when you speak with conviction, people listen. They don’t just hear your words; they feel your belief in what you’re saying. And this belief is contagious—it’s what turns interest into action.

How do I know this works?

The results, of course!

After going through Wellness Coach Business Academy and developing the core messaging needed in their business, one of our students was invited to a networking event and received 5 leads after being able to speak about their coaching practice confidently and had a message so clear that people knew they needed to work with them.

A second member of our community signed on a brand new client after attending a paint & sip event where they confidently and casually mentioned what they did to another attendee, which led to a discovery call and a new client!

These stories, and those of so many other coaches we’ve worked with, are proof that the right frameworks build confidence, which leads to more clients.

#2 – Conversion

Next up is Conversion. But, what is conversion?

As coaches, we’re often less motivated by making a sale than we are with the potential of transforming someone’s life. Conversion is all about creating a journey in partnership with your potential clients that feels so aligned with their needs that signing up seems like the only logical next step. This means every blog post, workshop, and discovery call is a step towards signing on a new client in a natural and conversational way.

Without a solid strategy to convert interest into engagement and then into paid partnerships, even the most skilled coaches can struggle to grow their business.

It’s about ensuring your efforts attract people, are moving them forward in their journey to working with you, and inspiring them to take action and commit.

#3 – Connection

Finally, we come to Connection.

It’s no mystery that coaching is a relationship business. The better you can get at going beyond the basics of networking, the more you’ll be able to create meaningful connections with people who will remember to mention your name when the opportunity comes up.

At Wellspired Co, we teach our members the power of creating their “Circle of Influence,” which are the three specific circles of connections all coaches should focus on growing to book more clients.

People trust those they know and like. By establishing strong, genuine relationships, you’re not just building a client base; you’re creating a community that believes in your mission and supports your growth.

Ready to Grow Your Health & Wellness Coaching Business?

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